Season's Greetings - thank you to all our supporters

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you especially to all our regular bottle top collectors!  

A note from Chris about bottle tops

The support group receives help with its running costs and fund raising projects through the collection of bottle tops.  It would not be possible to have this money were it not for the support of my friends, family and a significant number of businesses in Eastbourne, who have agreed to save the tops from all the milk bottles they handle.  The tops are sold to a company which recycles them into equipment for use in children’s play grounds.  For every ton of tops collected the group receives £50.00.

On behalf of all who benefit from this ongoing support, Debbie and I felt it time to name and thank these businesses more openly.  A huge “Thank You” in no particular order to:-

 Corro - Albert Parade

The Plantation - Carlisle Road

Bella’s Secret - The Enterprise and Eastbourne Station

Jocelyn’s - Enterprise

Dickens Tea Cottage - South Street

Fiesta Bistro – Grove Road

Urban Ground - Bolton Road and at the Towner

Nelsons – Terminus Road

Shades - Arndale Centre

Alice Croft House - Cornfield Lane

Jasper Wood - Cornfield Terrace

Pomodoro Mozzarella - Cornfield Terrace

A M T - Eastbourne Station

Cafe Ruby - Arndale Centre

Maxfields  -  Langney Road

Muffin Break   -  Arndale Centre

Millie’s Cookies  -  Arndale Centre

Cappuccino  -  Langney Road

Riverside Cafe - Lewes

 I collect weekly from all these businesses.  When I am not able to do this, the owners and staff keep what they put aside until I can pick them up – so very kind.  Again – Thank you so much to all our generous savers of milk bottle tops.               

Chris Cutting