Expansion of UIS, Eastbourne

Susan Crosby-Jones came along to our September meeting to tell us about some important improvement plans at Eastbourne District General Hospital (DGH).  Susan is Matron of the Urological Investigations Suite (UIS) which will be benefitting from some capital development monies allocated to East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, the organisation which runs the DGH.  She explained that with 600 – 650 patients passing through the department each month, and population numbers increasing as we all live longer, more capacity is required. Currently, there are four investigation rooms and this number will be increasing to ten.  There will also be a quiet recovery area for patients after they have had a TRUS biopsy (trans rectal biopsies of the prostate guided by ultrasound).  At present, men remain in the clinic room until ready to go home.  The new area will enable better use of the clinical investigation rooms.  Nine urology consultants will be working in the department and their work is complemented by seven clinical nurse specialists.  A new clinical nurse specialist post has also been approved to support patients undergoing reconstructive surgery. 

The planned work is due to commence in February 2017 and will mean UIS moves into what is currently Seaford 4 ward.  Susan outlined how the plans will impact on the Quiet Room funded by PCaSO Eastbourne.  Chris and Debbie, who run the Eastbourne group, were recently shown the proposed new location at the hospital by Susan.  It is better positioned for the department, adjacent to the waiting area, and a similar size to the present room with natural light from two windows.  The contents of the PCaSO room can easily be moved to the new room.  It will continue to be used as a space where the clinical team can discuss biopsy results and treatments with patients and their families without interruption.  We will keep you posted on developments and update our website photo-gallery of the PCaSO Quiet Room.

Don’t forget that the October meeting is on a different day of the week.  It is on Wednesday 12 October, 7.00pm in the Postgraduate Centre as the DGH.  Consultant clinical oncologist Dr Caroline Manetta will be talking about clinical trials, in particular recent results from the CHHIP trial and some new developments.