The Eastbourne Group was started in 2002 by brother and sister Graham and Debbie Hatfield in memory of their father Herbert Kitchener Hatfield.  He died in 2001 with prostate cancer and not from it. At the time of his diagnosis in 1994 there were very few support groups specifically for prostate cancer.  He was not someone who would have telephoned a helpline to talk to a complete stranger.  There were national organisations to which you could donate money for research into prostate cancer but this did not address the here and now of living with prostate cancer. So after their father’s death, Graham and Debbie set up a local group initially under the auspice of the Prostate Cancer Support Association.  When this charity folded in 2009 the Eastbourne group became part of the Prostate Cancer Support Network from 1 May 2009, known as PCaSO. The charity has since changed its name to Prostate Cancer Support Organisation

The Eastbourne group usually meets five times a year and is currently run by Debbie and Chris. We meet in the Education Centre at the District General Hospital, Eastbourne at 7.00pm. There is normally a guest speaker. Wives, partners, LGBTQ and family members and friends are all welcome.