We hold a number of awareness-raising sessions at various events and venues including shopping centres in Eastbourne and elsewhere in the local area. These often coincide with Prostate Cancer Awareness month which is held in March in the UK. We tell people about the group and provide leaflets which briefly explain about prostate cancer, the treatments such as surgery and radiotherapy and what men should do if they are worried or concerned.

The Eastbourne prostate cancer support group started up in 2002 but we did not begin fund-raising until 2008. Since then we have raised over £45,000 thanks to the generosity of our donors. The money has been spent on projects that benefit prostate cancer patients and more broadly urology and oncology patients at Eastbourne District General Hospital.  These include:

  • £7,727 - Bladder Scanner
  • £9,995 - Prosurgics Freehand Robotic Camera Arm

  • £2,666 - PCaSO Quiet Room
  • £500 - Donation to complementary therapeutic massage in Oncology Outpatients

  • £500 - Donation to complementary therapeutic massage in Oncology Outpatients
  • £10,000 - Template Biopsy Kit
  • £500 - Donation to University of Southampton Research Project for GP education on prostate cancer. 

  • £500 - Donation to Mindfulness programme for Macmillan Counselling Service at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust


  • £13,037 - furniture in patient reception / waiting areas and interview rooms of Eastbourne DGH Radiotherapy Unit  
  • £556 - urine analyser in Eastbourne DGH Radiotherapy Unit.  Purchased with donations from family and friends of Ralph Richardson

The PCaSO Quiet Room is one of our proudest achievements.  Men, their partners and the Clinical Nurse Specialists had complained of lack of privacy when returning to get biopsy test results.  The environment was not conducive to helpful discussion.  The PCaSO Quiet Room has created a better space for these conversations that is not clinical and subject to interruptions.  When not in use in the evenings and weekends it doubles up as a relatives’ room and can accommodate an overnight stay with its recliner chair. NB This room is being relocated within the hospital so that it is nearer to the Urology Investigations Unit. 

Our 2016/17 project for the Radiotherapy Unit at Eastbourne District General Hospital was completed in May 2017.  We will include some pictures of the furniture in our August 2017 newsletter.  We hope the chairs and sofas will be more comfortable and less 'clinical'.  

Thank you to all our generous supporters and donors.